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Updated 02/29/2016 by Viqui Dill

The Waypoint Online Ordering program gives you powerful tools for managing orders within Waypoint Living Spaces.

Using Waypoint Online Ordering, you can key in new orders item by item, import orders from 20-20, check and release those orders to the Waypoint Partner Team, update orders and view status.

Notice: As of March 31, 2016, Windows XP will not be supported in Waypoint Online Ordering.
See the System Requirements topic for more information.

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Tutorials and Training

Automated tutorials are available for this program. Automated tutorials are "movies" that actually show you step-by-step how to perform procedures in the program.
Online Help topics are available for this program. Online help is searchable by keyword and printable as hardcopy for easy reference.

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Getting Started

Installing Waypoint Online Ordering (1 minute 31 seconds)

System Requirements

User Security (Security Rights)

Changing your Password (2 minutes 28 seconds)

Forget your Password?

Creating an Order

Creating an Order — Part 1 (4 minutes 17 seconds)

Creating an Order — Part 2 — Cabinets and Parts (8 minutes 42 seconds)

What is a Group?

Importing & Copying

Importing from 20-20 (6 minutes 01 second)

Copying an Order (3 minutes 42 seconds) 

Construction Options (9 minutes 31 seconds)

Selecting Glass (5 minutes 43 seconds)

Decorative Glass Inserts

Replacement Orders (4 minutes 25 seconds)

Printing an Order (7 minutes 25 seconds)

Releasing Orders to Waypoint Living Spaces

Checking and Releasing an Order (8 minutes 32 seconds)

What is the Difference in a Draft Order and a Waypoint Order?

Changing a Released Order (4 minutes 40 seconds)

Finders, Windows, and Screens

Finding an Order (6 minutes 06 seconds)

Viewing a Waypoint Order (3 minutes 02 seconds) — This tutorial is interactive.


20-20 Catalog Download (3 minutes 10 seconds)


Viewing a Label (2 minutes 40 seconds) — This tutorial is interactive.


Product Lookup (1 minute 58 seconds)



System Requirements

System Requirements



Other topics of interest

What is a Group?

What is the Difference in a Draft Order and a Waypoint Order?

How long does an Order stay in the system?     

About this Online Help System

This online help system and online tutorial training videos were given the award of Merit by the Society for Technical Communications Washington DC Chapter.